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Steve Lilly
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Air Force Officer
Eric forced me to do this (even though I moved to Lake Charles my senior year).  Wish I could be there, this is happening just one week too soon--can't leave Colorado in time.  I have spent the last 26 years in the Air Force after graduating from LSU.  It 's been a fantastic journey, but the best part has been "the additon" of my wife Judy, and our three daughters Christy, Shannon, and Brittany.  Have a great time, and if you are ever out this way, please call. Send Steve a MessageSend Steve a Message
Stacy Pray (Loyacono)
Mom Married 2

   Wow ! 30 years. It will be great to see
everyone. We moved to St. Francisville two years
ago  and it was the best thing we ever did. 
My boys are 10 and 12 years old  and they love the
"country" life.  I volunteer at the school a lot and
keep busy with church, and chauffer everyone
around but I love every minute of it.

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Rick Luedtke
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Advertising Sales Executive Married 2
How old are you guys anyway!!!  Original hair, weight, height, wife & kids... not interested in trading any of them in.  Yes, still riding motorcycles (e.g. off-road).  Raced competitively last year - won my class in the SERA division (Super Senior class - aka the old fast guys).   Angele and  I have been married for 20 years.  We have two little girls - Bliss, 7 and Savanna, 4 - whom we absolutely adore.  I think my kids are the ages of your grandchildren!  ;-)  Looking forward to the reunion.  Send Rick a MessageSend Rick a Message
Kayren Odom (Marquette)
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dental tech Married 3
I married Bobby Marquette in 1979. We have 3 awesome boys, Trenton(27), Shane(21), Cory(15). We have been living in south Florida for 20 years. We love it here. Bobby owns a pool company, Aquascapes Design, Inc. I do porcelain crown and bridge work. I'm so excited and can't wait to see everybody. Send Kayren a MessageSend Kayren a Message
Wanda Taylor (martin)
warehouse worker Married
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Cathy Tramonte (Mattern)
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Married 1
I now live in South Dakota.  Met a wonderful man who is 14 years my junior and we recently got married.  First marriage for both of us.  This is quite a change from the warm weather in Louisiana but we are definitely at home and happy here. Send Cathy a MessageSend Cathy a Message
Ginger (Virginia) Zycha (Matula)
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Manager of a Jazzercise fitness location(part time) Married
Hi Children of the Seventies- A bunch of us old Trojans getting together! I hope I can make this one. About the picture, no I did not have a baby at 47, that is the most recent picture of me and my husband John with my niece taken 3 months ago. We have been married 17 years and life has been great. We enjoy traveling, camping, mountain biking, hiking. I have lived in TX since 1983. Send Ginger (Virginia) a MessageSend Ginger (Virginia) a Message
Bunny Pratt (Mayer)
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Divorced 3

hello all.  i hope you all are doing well.
brian murphey died on feb 20.  thanks for your

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Howard McLean
Building Material Sales Married 2

Hello Tara Trojans Class of 1977.

After graduating from LSU and 23 years as a construction estimator/ project manager, I decided to slow down and go into building material sales (good choice).  After both of my parents passed away I recently purchased my childhood home on Cyril Ave.  My wife Karan (of 26 years) and I have started a total re-model and addition of the house.   Our children Kristen (Tara grad '02) is currently at LSU in Elementary Ed and Trey (Catholic HS '04) is also at LSU in Pre-Med/ Nutrition.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.
P.S. I just  found out I am going to be a grandpa in October. 

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Mark Meyers
Probation & Parole Agent Divorced 1
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