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Rod Gonzalez
Creative Director Married 2
I missed the 30th call, but it's been fun reading a few of your bios (and comments). Though I only spent a little over 2 years at Tara, I still remember my time there as a terrific experience. I've been married to a great girl (Joanne) for 23 years, we have two incredible kids (Chloe, 15 going on 30, and Spencer 9). We've been living in a small town about 15 miles from New York City (where I work) for over 20 years. I work as a creative director for a marketing agency, and as far as I can tell, will not retire for another 30 years (how does one go about getting one of those retiring type of jobs?). Send Rod a MessageSend Rod a Message
Carolyn Pizzuto (Green)
Human Resources Manager Married 2
Thank you Dean for letting me know about the reunion! 30 years......I can't wait to see everyone! Send Carolyn a MessageSend Carolyn a Message
Sylvia Green
Medicaid Program Specialist 2 dhh.la.gov Divorced 4
Send Sylvia a MessageSend Sylvia a Message
Karen Heil
Marketing Management Single
Thanks Angie for tracking me down, but I could have done without the 30 year reminder!  I won't be able to make this reunion as I'm getting ready to move to Sydney, Australia in July for a new position with my company.  I had a chance to work there a few years ago on assignment and found it a beautiful place to live, although it is a long, long way from home.  Chicago has been my home for most of the last 16 years and I've enjoyed my time here despite the occasional unfriendly winter!  Although I don't know where I'll be living in AU, my email address will go with me, so anyone can send me a message.  It's always great to hear from people when I'm far from home.  Thanks to Brian and everyone else involved for making it possible to contact people through the website.  Enjoy the reunion.   Send Karen a MessageSend Karen a Message
Heidi Heyns
Profile picture
Laughter Therapist/Coach/Motivational Speaker/Travelin Woman www.heidiheyns.com Single
Been back and stayed put since 2004..but maybe leaving again soon...lived in Boston, Hong Kong, on Martha's Vineyard, San Fran and others.....sailed and raced all over the world...Worked in Radio, Did voiceover, worked as a private chauffeur in New York City and Philadelphia....and never really settled down anywhere til I came home to spend time with the folks here after nearly 25 yr Send Heidi a MessageSend Heidi a Message
Jodi Bologna (Higdon)
Profile picture
Home Maker and Grand Mother Married 7
6 grand children to add to the mix Send Jodi a MessageSend Jodi a Message
John & Jodi Bologna (Higdon)
Profile picture
Project Manager / Consultant Petro/Chem Industry Married 7
We also have 6 grandchildren to add to the mix. Jodi and I are doing well, traveling very often. Hope to see everyone there. Send John & Jodi a MessageSend John & Jodi a Message
Tammey Scott (Honore)
Life & Accident Insurance Agent www.americangeneral.com/lifeinternet2000/careerweb.nsf/contents/index Divorced 2
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Tammy Scott (Honore)
Profile picture
Business Sales Rep Cox Communications Divorced 2
it's been such a long time. I'm the one in the middle of the now picture along with my son far left handsome gentleman in blue shirt and my daughter stripe top standing in front of me with the wine glass in hand. ( don't worry she's over 21) The rest are family and friends sharing Christmas '06 Send Tammy a MessageSend Tammy a Message
Carl Hultgren
Profile picture
Surveyor Married 2

I don't regognize any names or faces on this entire site! This is not a good sign. If you see a fat guy at the reunion standing alone and appearing to be at the wrong place, this will be me. Please re-introduce yourself and I will do likewise.


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