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Ana Espinosa
Art Director & Photographer Married
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Bret Fairchild
[Sales] Coca-Cola Married 2
It is hard to believe it has been 30 years. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Send Bret a MessageSend Bret a Message
Renee Cramer (Farrell)
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Art Teacher Married 3
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Peter Fontenot
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Construction Manager / Estimator Married 2
After 30 years my spurs are getting rusty now, but I'm still in the saddle riding hard. Send Peter a MessageSend Peter a Message
Eric Franklin
Married 3
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Rita Brumfield (Fugler)
Secretary EBR School Board Married 2

I have been married to my best friend for almost 25 years. We got both of our girls through college.  Katie is a nurse in California and Beverly is an EMT with Acadian Ambulance so we should be taken care of as we get older. 

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Ned Garland
Consulting Landman (Oil/Gas) Married 2
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Sharon Lamousin (Gatlin)
Fragrance Vendor at Macy's & Dillard's Mall of LA Married 2
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Sharon Simmons (Gautreau)
Real Estate Agent rickgrealty.com Married 3

A lot has changed since high school, especially my social life,  our social calendar is dictated by our children.  Quite frankly I hate to leave the house unless the kids are with us, I remember the parties we threw when our parents went out of town!!!! (Especially the parties Barbara Anne had at her house)    Andrew "Drew" my oldest is 19, he currently works with his father at his mechanical seal business. He lives in our mother -in -law suite attached to our house and complains because I charge him $200 a month rent.  He graduated from high school last year '06 and I'm just glad we got him out of school in only 12 years.  He spent his graduation money on what else, tatoos!  Jacqueline "Jackie" is 15 and is in 10th grade at Dutchtown High School.  She is into musical theater and boys!  She's a lot of fun, but also a lot drama.  Taylor is 14, he is in 9th grade at Dutchtown.  He is into football, band (percussions) and taekwondo.  He's a joy to parent, most of the time!  Roger, my husband is a 1978 graduate of East Ascension High School in Gonzales and he owns his own mechanical seal and rotating equipment business called GEAU Enterprise, LLC, which is located in Gonzales.  I am a real estate agent with Rick Gautreau & Associates Realty in Gonzales.  Rick is my brother in law, he is married to my sister, Susie. (yes we both married a Gautreau from Gonzales and they are not related, confusing huh?)  Needless to say in the past couple of years, we have been very busy.  Anyway, I hope we all get together soon!

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Denise Lasserre (Gibson)
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Administrative / Engineering Firm Married 3
Where's the category for  "Married Again" ??
30 years ... I hate to even say that out loud!   Thanks to all who put this together.  Sure hoping to make it & catch up again!    I've remained in BR; moving just 2 yrs ago to north Walker / Watson area.  I'm married (again!)   Have two  sons, age 26 and 23 / both good boys.    Some may say I lost my mind a few years ago ... but hopefully it'll just keep me young.    In 03 we spent a month in Russia;  adopted an orphaned infant (girl);  brought her home Thanksgiving Day/2003.    She turned 4 this past February -- thinks she's 30!    Definitely keeping things interesting ... teaching me what little girls are all about  (hormones!).   and do they ever stop talking?  ;-)    She's been the greatest blessing; one of the most rewarding experiences I've had.   She's very much a treasured child ... has the whole family "wrapped" and I think we just about all know who the Boss is by now!
Hope to see you all soon!  Email welcome!

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