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Missy Beysselance
Engineer / Construction Management Consultant Married 2

Okay - I came back to update my info after enjoying reading about all of you and your kids.  My (big) boys are Billy, who just graduated from high  school and will be going to Franklin & Marshall College in the fall, to study astro-physics (well, somebody's gotta do it, right?)  and Sam, rising 10th grader, jazz saxaphonist and Ultimate Frisbee player (struggling scholar/party boy).  They are my pride and joy, of course.  My husband, Rich, went back to school at 35 to become a middle school math teacher.  Apparently I was put on earth to put men through college.  But Sam will be the last, so don't call me.  But do drop me an e-mail - I'd love to hear from you!

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Sandy Haydel (Beysselance)
I try to avoid them! Married 3
30 years!!! This will be more like a Depends proving grounds! Can't wait to see everyone! Let's make a pact - no one can laugh!!! Send Sandy a MessageSend Sandy a Message
Carla Cadenhead (Boba)
Director of Finance UpLIFTD Married 3

I  live in Baton Rouge with husband Dennis.  I have 2 children Michael (20) at LSU in geology,  Natalie (23) married and graduated in chemical engineering and Melisa (stepdaughter 34) married and lives in Austin, TX.  Oh, and I will be a grandma in October (Natalie's first).

Are you SURE it has been 30 years?  Hope to see as many Trojans as possible.   Send me an emal if you have time...let's not let another 30 go bye without catching up.

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Dean Bordelon
Profile picture
Profile picture
Retired deanandroland.com Committed Relationship 2

I am sorry I am missing the reunion!  Roland and just moved to our mountain home in North Carolina.  We have been together now for 15 years.  My son, Patrick 21, is sort of attending LA Tech in criminology. My daughter, Sarah 17, is a senior at Redemptorist HS and wants to pursue a degree in theatre/journalism. I keep busy with home maintenace projects, cooking and traveling.  Hope to see you guys for the 40th!

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Bonnie Bourdier
The best there is A Mom Divorced 3
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Ann Torregrossa (Bourgeois)
Office Manager/Accounting Divorced
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Rafael Bustillo
Profile picture
Banker Married 3

Moved recently from Gainesville, Florida to Denver, Colorado.  Unfortunately I won't make it back for the reunion but hope to be back for a couple of the LSU football games this year. 

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Keith Calandro
September 07, 1959 Technology Professional Committed Relationship
Living in Southern California since 1987 and with my partner for 16 years.  Life is good! Send Keith a MessageSend Keith a Message
Karen Campbell
Architect for the LSU AgCenter www.lsuagcenter.com Divorced
Cool website idea! Looking forward to the reunion.... Send Karen a MessageSend Karen a Message
Keith Carruth
Owner, Carruth & Sons Lawn Service Married 2
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