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Kelli Waddelow (Stout)
Sales Rep Married
Married to Carey for 21 years.  Former interior designer, with a side business as a personal chef.  Can't wait to see everyone and catch up!! 
30 years - where did they go???
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Phil Stout
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Retired www.WindDanceVizslas.com Married
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Phil Stout
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Retired www.WindDanceVizslas.com1B8 Married
I've been married since 1995 to my wife, Carole, and live on our 180 acre farm in Clinton, LA. We raise pointing breed bird dogs called Vizslas (pronounced Vee-shlah) and compete nationally with them in dog shows, pointing breed Field Trials, and also judge/participate in pointing breed Hunt Tests.  We also own 3 Tennessee Walking Horses that we use in the dog's field events.

Hope to see everyone at a future reunion.
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Jodie Darby (Suire)
teacher Married 4
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John Termini
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Full time Physician, Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologist, Penn State Univ. /Retired Navy Officer after 
25 years and two wars
Married 2
Two boys, Rhett who is 6'1"-230 lbs, and Taylor is 5'11"-200 lbs. They didn't have to be but 5'7" to be the tallest Termini ever. Genes!! Go figure. Send John a MessageSend John a Message

Looking forward to seeing everyone! It doesn't seem like 30 years at all!

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Kim Miller (Thompson)
Senior Project Administrator www.moote.com Committed Relationship 1
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Kathy Blank (Trahan)
Association Management safetylca.org Married 3
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Debra (not "Debbie" anymore!) Butler (Tridico)
Mom Married 3
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Michael Truitt
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Profile picture
Owner - Sterling Drilling, Inc Married 2
Looking forward to seeing everybody & catching up!

I recently saw where Louisiana Laroux (The Jeff Pollard Band) was still around in some form or fashion.  Who remembers sneaking into JR's or was it Joe Reed's with our fake ID's when we were 16 or 17 and watching those 5 guys crammed into 10 sq. ft. of converted dance floor?

So I sent Leon Medica (the bass player with the Leon Redbone Mustache and big glasses) an email to see if they would like to come down to BR and play a set or two at Phil Brady's.  About 30 minutes later Leon called me on the phone!  The upshot is they only play 10-15 shows a year and are already going to be at a casino in BR May 25th, I believe.  So they won't be able to come back two weeks later.

Bummer, but on the positive side, Leon and I talked for about an hour and I got all the scoop on the band, their exploits, the breakup with Jeff, everything.  It was very cool.  Out of the original 5, Jeff & Bobby Campo (the percussionist) are no longer touring.  The rest still get together plus a few later additions.

They made an album with a guy named Tab Benoit and it was nominated for a Grammy last year.  Anyway, if you remember those guys and want more scoop, we can kick it around at the reunion.

For any of you travelling in and looking for a hotel, Party Central will be at the Holiday Inn on Constitution (Sorry, Eric picked it!).

As far as that picture of me taken at the Cinderfella Pageant presently residing in the photo album tab on this website, I have a confession to make.  It's time to come out of the closet.  Back then I began to realize that I was a Lesbian and now I'm proud to shout it out loud!

Here are Joe Dawson's Haiku & Limerick:

You will always be 
our Tenth Avenue dick head. 

To Joe Dawson its always been said 
A better friend has never been made 
He'll leave you drunk on the floor 
And walk right out the door 
To go to Rosie's and try to get laid
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