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Susan de Vries (Sheetz)
Coordinator of Religious Education, St. Rita Catholic Church, Dallas, Texas Married 1

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Elizabeth (Liz) Zycha (Shows)
self employed Married 2
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Rick Siegel
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Lead FTCE JSF Program Married 3
Can't seem to believe that 30 years have gone by. Two kids out of the nest and youngest in high school. It will be great to come home and see everybody. J.D. - I will compete for the comb again! Send Rick a MessageSend Rick a Message
Brett Smith
Retired from B.R. Police Dept and now work as Special Agent with the La. Department of Justice Married 2
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Donna Mizell (Smith)
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Construction Accounting harveysmithconstruction.com Married 2

Living in BR with 2 wonderful girls 12 and 15 and a dimwitted husband (Tim Smith).  Hope everyone is well, see you soon.

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Jeff Smith
Police Fire Rescue Married 1
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Liz Beaty (Smith)
Graphic Designer Married 3
Fast Forward to 2010. 3 great kids: daughter Brooke, 29 married to son-in-law Brandon and living in New Orleans. Son Thomas, 23, living in Lafayette and stepson James, 15 attending St. Michael High school, husband Larry, 52 going on 17, we LAUGH a lot...God has truly blessed me with more then I deserve, Send Liz a MessageSend Liz a Message
Tim Smith
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Swinger monkeyseemonkeydo.com Married 2
Grew a beard and got a job at the zoo.  I've become a bit of a celebrity here.  I sure will miss it if they fire me. Send Tim a MessageSend Tim a Message
John (Johnny) Snellings
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Custom Home Builder / Musician dreamhomebuildersok.com Married 3
I haven't been to Baton Rouge in, well, 30 years.  I miss the people, the food and just about everything.  I do recognize a few names listed on the quest book; I hope some remember me or it will be a quiet reunion for me.

My only son Everett is in Irag (Pray for him please) and have two daughters and 4 grandchildren.  They call me Pee Paw, which is cute now-----------but later? I love em to death!

I could only find one "now" picture and I still can't see how I used to look!  Hope eveyone is well and am looking forward to the reunion.  

johnnyquatro.com for a laugh! 
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Wade Sparks
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Registered Kinesiotherapist Married 2
Hello everyone ! Hope to see my Tara High friends again, whom I miss after not making the 20th yr reunion last time !

Does anyone remember who said this? "You're never completely dressed 'till you put on a smile !"

I'm quite proud of my 21 yo, "Legally Blonde" daughter, a pre-law Junior at UNC-Chapel Hill w/ a 3.9 GPA, 165 on 1st LSAT attempt and soon to cut her 1st recording in her alternate music career. I'm also proud of my 16 yo, partial black belt Tae Kon Do son.

As for me, as much as I enjoy being a Kinesiologist treating many different types of disabled veterans in the hospital, it pales in comparison w/ family time. 

QUESTIONS FOR MY TARA HIGH FRIENDS: Why do we dads always call our grown up daughters "my little girl"? As for our grown up sons, what happened to that little wide-eyed boy ? 

Trying not to get all teary eyed and lumpy throat,

Wade Sparks
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